Success Secrets: Thank You Notes and Thank You Cards

Success Secrets: Thank You Notes and Thank You Cards

Here’s the second of the four little success tips or success secrets that were in plain sight in the Keep Moving Forward video that got casually mentioned by me:

With the explosive growth of email, cell phone texting, Facebook & Twitter along with countless other Social Media sites, it is easier than ever to connect with & stay in touch with people around the globe.  But at the same time, I’ve noticed that handwritten letters and thank you cards seem to be going the way of the dinosaur with most people.

 But I’m going to encourage you to add this success secrets tip to your repertoire for two simple reasons:

 1.  Receiving handwritten thank you cards are memorable for the very fact of how few people still use this form of gratitude with others.

 As more and more people interact online through the myriad channels of electronic communication, we’re already seeing an entire new generation of people coming of age who have never seen thank you cards let alone learned how to write a thank you note.  Using thank you cards stands out in today’s crowded world and will continue to stand out in the future as the older generation that used thank you cards is replaced in the work force by the newer generation who think a simple email thank you will do instead of taking time to learn how to write a thank you note.

 People recognize that you took the time and trouble to pick out the thank you card, write the personal thank you note and mail it.   Receiving an email thank you cardor email thank you note pales in comparison because more often than not, an email thank you card or email thank you note is probably automated or programmed with a hot key.  If there’s not a personal note within the email, you can bet it was not even handled by the person whose email address you received it from.

2.   Handwritten thank you notes and handwritten thank you cards are more likely to be kept and appreciated.

How hard is it to delete an email thank you note or email thank you card

How likely is it that you will keep it?

Email thank you cards often are just temporary flash technology messages that expire quickly after a week or two.   They often pass in and out of your life in the blink of an eye.

But handwritten thank you notes or handwritten thank you cards stand a much better chance of being retained & staying in someone’s mind for much longer.

 Let me give you an example.

 You receive an email thank you note from someone you worked with on a special project.

 On the other hand, you receive a beautiful thank you card with rich, vibrant colors that catch your eye and when you open it up, you read a heartfelt handwritten thank you note from a person you worked with on that same special project.

 Which thank you card gets a prominent place on your desk or in your office or even on your wall?

 Need I say more?

If you look around in my office you will find 2 incredibly cool thank you cards I received from Prince, the amazing musician.   You’ll also find other examples of thank you cards that really captured my attention and have places of prominence in my office.

 So, next time you want to stand out in someone’s mind, remember the success secrets tip of send thank you notes and send thank you cards. 

 When I send thank you cards and thank you notes, more often than not I get a direct phone call from the recipient and we have another conversation which further strengthens or deepens the relationship.   They also often tell me that my note or card stood out because they couldn’t remember the last time someone had sent them one!

 As obvious and simple as this success secrets tip is, it’s still a powerful and memorable way to interact with others in this fast paced world we live in.

 You can use thank you cards or thank you notes to follow up after job interviews, sales presentations, meeting someone at an event, after completing a sale, completing a project, or any number of other occasions where you want to stand out with your communication and show gratitude for the courtesy or opportunity someone else has offered you.

 I’ve just scratched the surface on the number of ways you can use this success secrets tip.  What ways can you think of to use thank you cards or thank you notes in your interactions?

Try using this from now on and see if it doesn’t start to make a perceptible difference for you and how you communicate with people.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

~ William Ward

24 thoughts on “Success Secrets: Thank You Notes and Thank You Cards”

  1. Hi MDW,

    I adore that you brought up this Success Secrets topic of sending thank you notes and cards. We were just tweeting about this last week, so it is in the air and part of synchronicity that you should not blog about such notes. Hand written thank you notes are so rare now that I hear from executives that they even save and post ones which they received. Communicating appreciation and admiration, and expressing heartfelt gratitude will always be in style and part of what makes people truly successful – in dating, love, and business!

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    After 40 Dating Expert

  2. Absolutely right!

    We receive a fair number of “thank you” emails, when we’ve helped saved a family pet from the Canine Parvovirus, but on the (very) few occasions that one of our customers has sent us a written note or, even better, a gift, in the mail, it really does stand out.

    I think, on balance, we probably give more than we take, but we still do send thank you’s to people – not as often as we should, maybe – and I don’t believe either that you should overlook the pleasure in actually writing a thank you note to somebody else.

    Rae & Mark
    Premier Morning Glory Gazebo 16 Foot With Double Roof

  3. I always forget to send handwritten notes even though I know it is much more personnal and it shows your appreciation for the person. Like you wrote:“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” ~ William Ward exactly the same!

  4. What a great article about the power and impact of hand written business cards in today’s e-world. This is truly a great success tip, especially for younger workers, that needs to be implemented.

  5. Recently, I sifted thru a lifetime of saved papers. Among them were the FEW handwritten thank you notes I had received. It was still a joy to re-read them and feel again the gratitude of the folks who had written them.
    Sonya Lenzo

  6. Hi Michael,

    This is a GREAT tip. With all the social media avenues, as well as text messaging, it seems to be so efficient to simply shoot out a quick text or im. However, I received a personal Thank You note in the mail from a mentor and it was really something unique – especially in this day of modern technology. It was a real treat!

    To a Successful Life, Neil
    Successful Life – Questions

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