The Success Secrets: Power of the Egg Timer

The Success Secrets: Power of the Egg Timer


First I’d like to thank everyone for the feedback on my first video for The Success Secrets.

 I definitely learned a few lessons the hard way (make it shorter so it loads faster, keep it more focused) but it feels good to have finally done one and have some experience under my belt for next time.

Some of the feedback mentioned how great my little success secrets tip was on the power of the egg timer.

It never occured to me as I was filming the video that I would capture things I do on a daily basis that other people would find so helpful.  But this wound up being a happy accident because it sums up my philosophy of The Success Secrets perfectly:

A simple little success habit or method of doing something seems super obvious to one person who gets great results using it all the time.  But the same success habit feels like a big success secret to someone else who’s never seen anyone using that method or success habit.

Just having our mind exposed to a few little success habits or success secrets here & there can make a huge difference in the long run.

So, I thought I would use this post to cover the first of the four little success tips or success secrets that were in plain sight in the video that only causally got mentioned by me.  Here we go:

The Success Secrets: Power of the Egg Timer


I don’t actually remember where I learned the power of the egg timer success secret but it’s really very simple:

If you have a project you need to really make progress on & don’t have someone else to help hold you accountable for the result, the power of the egg timer lies in using it as a self imposed deadline.

Set the timer for anywhere from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.

Once you’ve set the timer, get into action immediately and see how much you can get done before the timer goes off.

If you’re working on something that requires more than 60 minutes, you can still break it up into chunks of time.

Here’s how I use this success secret for my writing projects.

Set timer for 48 minutes and then see how much writing I can get done knowing the clock is ticking.

 When the timer goes off, I set it for 12 minutes and then I take the following action:

1. Get up out of the chair, walk around and stretch.

2.  Grab a fresh bottle of water if you’re on empty, or if not, take a few sips of water.

3.  Maybe grab a small snack.  Munch on some almonds or a protein bar.


A few things you should NOT do because they will sabotage this success secret:

1. Do NOT turn on the TV.

2. Do NOT look at your email

3. Do NOT make or take any phone calls

I’m sharing these things to avoid with you because I’ve learned the hard way from experience that getting involved with anything else during your mini break will distract you from the project you are working on and before you know it, you’re off doing something else that’s grabbed your attention and you’ve completely forgotten what you set out to accomplish.

So, avoid the distractions on your mini break.  Stretch, walk around, grab some more water or a quick snack & then when your 12 minute break is over, quickly set the timer to 48 minutes again and jump right back into the writing.

Use this success secret for any project you might have that can be broken down into short intense segments of time.

I’ve used it for cleaning a room, sorting paperwork, and all sorts of other projects.

Try this out for yourself and let me know what results you produced with it.

I think you’ll be really glad you did.

18 thoughts on “The Success Secrets: Power of the Egg Timer”

  1. The egg timer trick is an awesome way to get ourselves moving fast. And for those things we tend to procrastinate on, just set the timer to ten minutes and start it. Usually once started, we finish.

    Seize the Day,

  2. I have only used the egg timer for housecleaning because I don’t like it too much…it works very good for me because I always get things done! I think i should be using it also for this course…

  3. This is a great tip in Focusing on the task at hand. It is amazing how a little egg timer can hold us accountable and focused.


  4. Michael
    I like the egg timer method I had never thought of it but it sure makes alot ofsense. I agree take a break but stay focused on the task.
    Have a great day

  5. Hi Michael!
    I don’t know if you have new posts but this is my favorite one! I read it again, very important not to turn on TV, look at email or make phone calls during the break. Is sooo distracting! and then two hours go by and you didn’t even realized!

  6. Great tip! I tend to work better in sprints,not marathons.I’ve found that short (45 -90 minute) intervals of concentrated work, broken up with short stretching and breathing, walking outside, petting the dogs kinds of activities, really boosts my productivity. I have not tried using an actual timer however, so I will have to try this.

    Karen Van Ness

  7. Michael:

    I’m so glad I just read about the Power of the Egg Timer. As I’m in the middle of several writing projects, my ability and need to remain timely and focused is really being stretched. I’m going to start using your idea today. Thank you!


  8. The secrect of the egg timer is essential to success in the classroom also. When I used it in the school system, it created excitment and results.

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